Cathedral of the Blessed SacramentGrowing Spiritually

God wants you to make the greatest possible difference with the rest of your life. Many people are realizing that the routines and rhythms of their everyday life do not fulfill their hunger for purpose and meaning – they are restless to live a life that matters. This restlessness in itself is a first step to growing spiritually. Faith is a gift from God that strengthens our spiritual life and inspires us to live as disciples of Jesus Christ. But growing spiritually has to be practical. it’s about finding real Gospel answers to the real needs and real questions of real people.

Maybe your life is full, but it’s not fulfilling. You see, our pursuit of personal fulfillment and significance goes far beyond material or emotional success. We were created for loving relationships. We need God, and we need each other. The Lord Jesus said, “I came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly” (John 10:10). To grow in the abundant life that Christ promised to all of us means that we need to find a community of faith and enter into a fruitful relationship with others in the Church.

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